Begoña Rentero was born in Granada Spain, though her residence has been in different places like Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Seville, Albacete and Granada itself. She coursed her studies in art and jewelry at The Madrid School of Art, and her studies in Interior Architecture in Granada.
Her work which is at different museums and arts galleries in Europe and USA always keep a constant throughout her career, that is, the importance of color and the balance of forms that make it closer to reality by figuration. All her creations are characterized by fantasy with a touch of glamour; because she believes that life is better with a spoonful of sugar.
Her involvement with paper comes through her paintings, in which paper has been always a constant in creating, because of its docility and lightness, its capacity to absorb colors and its simplicity. She likes to make jewels that are delicate, yet somewhat tough.
Begoña Rentero works with all types of fabrics and she maintains constant research and curiosity for new materials and treatments, because she is always looking for new things. She uses special paper, silk, wool, cotton, linen, felt cotton, and more into her works. She uses natural dyes; and makes her own palette of colors by mixing pigments to achieve the vibrant colors that distinguish her work.
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